privacy policy

Data privacy statement

You as users our of our web page get all the necessary information in this data privacy statement in which amount and for what purpose we gather and use your data. This statement is only valid for the web page of the h.c. guest house in Wildau private partnership. It does not apply to linked websites.

The collection und usage of your data is based on the guidelines of the Federal Data Protection Act and the Tele-Media Act. We feel obliged to the confidentiality of your personal data and therefore act strictly within the legal regulations. Please note that we have to adjust our data privacy statement and our service out of consideration for revisions of a statute from time to time.

We stand bail for confidential data concerning your inquiries by using secure socket layers (SSL). However, we warn you against the general dangers of the Internet use that are not related to us. Especially when e-mailing your data can be captured by a third party. That is why we ask you to convey your confidential data via SSL and contact us in case of doubt.

Using and processing of personal data

Our web page can be used without passing on personal data and can utilize it anonymously according to the Federal Data Protection Act.

If we gather personal data, e.g. your name, address or e-mail address, you can do this on a voluntary basis. We use your data for

  • booking
  • answering your inquiries
  • sending information material on your request
  • the admissible solvency check and assessment of credit during the length of the customer relation with the admissible transmission to the SCHUFA (confidential information on a person’s credit rating) in Wiesbaden
  • billing

We do not pass on your data to a third party, only if you have agreed to it or if we get an order by the authorities. We do not use your data for the purpose of advertising or market and opinion research.

We gather personal data within the context of data avoidance and data thriftiness only as long as necessary or if stipulated by a legislative body. If there is no purpose for keeping personal data or the limit of data retention has been reached we will delete all gathered data.

Information about your data, removal or closing off upon request

You will get free information on our collected data about you, your origin, addressee and the purpose of the data acquisition and data processing. We will also tell you which information is necessary and which one you do not have to give.

You have the right to demand the correction, closing off or deletion of your data. Apart from it are data which have to be stored because of legal regulations or are necessary according to the rules of business transactions. If data are not recorded because of compulsory archiving we will delete your data on your request. When compulsory archiving takes effect we will close off them.

Feel free to contact us via the given address in the imprint if you have questions concerning the correction, closing off or deletion of personal data.

Usage of our contact form

If you use this form for any kind of requests we will store your data for dealing with your inquiry and for the case of further questions. These data are not passed on to others without your permission.

We have to gather your data for the calculation of your bill and for safety reasons. This regularly includes your name, a valid e-mail address, if necessary your address and telephone number and further information depending on the individual case. It could be that we need to check the possessorship of the given e-mail address. Because of legal reasons we must be sure that you really want our offered services and that we can charge you for them in accordance with the regulations.

Automatic collection of non-personal data

It is just possible that indirectly personal data are stored when using a web page. They are also generated when accessing web pages of other suppliers. This could include information of the used web browser, the frequented web pages and your retention time there and the IP address. We do not use these data.

The web pages offered under the domain do not use any cookies. For the depiction of our Internet presence JavaScript is used if necessary. If you do not want to use this service program you can deactivate the relevant setting of your browser.

Objection against spam mails

In the context of the German Telemedia Act we have to publish our contact information. Some third parties could misuse them for advertising and undesirable information. All listed people on this web page hereby declare that they contradict any kind of commercial use and passing on of your data. This includes any advertising material which has not been explicitly authorized by us.

Furthermore, we explicitly reserve our right to initiate judicial proceedings against the unwanted and unsolicited consignment of advertising material. This especially refers to spam e-mails, spam letters and spam faxes. We point out that the unauthorized delivery of advertising material can affect matters of fact according to competition law, civil law and criminal law.